About Sister Moonz

Sister Moonz is a 35 year old Muslimah, Visually Impaired Artist, Graphic Designer, Writer & much more.

But out of all her achievements in life, what makes her the most PROUD, is that Alhamdulilah, by the Mercy & Blessings of Allah , she is a Muslim by CHOICE.

The media works so hard to get the world against us. And often vulnerable Muslims with little knowledge of our own religion feed into the narratives being sold.

The key to any Muslims imaan (faith) is to study for themselves.

Sister Moonz began her own journey in 2006 & it’s ongoing.

Over the years she tore down stereotypes media attempted to build in her mind by studying Islam & has been teaching anyone willing.

Because of her passionate love for Islam, she had been searching for Islamic Art for the home that was unlike anything else on the market. But finding unique wall art with meaning, made specifically for Muslim values is almost impossible.

And that’s why “SisterMoonz.com” was born!

Powered by the love for Allah ﷻ & Islam, she uses Islamic principles to create all designs & concepts for her wall prints.

Sister Moonz celebrates the journey to being a better Muslim, empowering you to reclaim your imaan whilst beautifying your home, so you can be unapologetically Muslim.

Lets all be loud and proud about being Muslim. She wants to represent causes that are important to the Ummah because no one else will.

Sister Moonz has gathered a humble family on TikTok where she creates Islamic reminders for herself, other Muslims & Non-Muslims alike.

Come join her little family on TikTok: @sister.moonz